Power Up Your Leadership: Fort Lauderdale, FL April 30-May 1, 2017

Are you ready to push beyond the basics and become a Master Leader? Is it time to step up your game and grow into the leader your team hungers for? We think it’s time and we know you’re ready.

Our Power Up Your Leadership workshop will deliver mastery-level lessons on:

  • Owning your Leadership: Perception is everything and you set the tone at the top. Understand how your team and your clients see you and how that perception impacts the culture & tone of your organization.
  • Management Competencies: As a leader, you wear many hats (decision maker, teacher, customer service agent, chief strategist, etc.). Identify where you’ve got it handled and what areas of your leadership could use a boost. Use this tool with your team to identify their growth areas, too!
  • Effective Communication: Are your messages getting lost in translation? Learn about your preferred communication style and its related strengths and potential downfalls. You’ll learn how to identify the styles of your team members and how to best communicate your message to avoid misunderstandings and inefficiencies.
  • Time Management & Delegation: Your time is your greatest asset. Where are you wasting time doing things that other people should be doing? Identify where you can free yourself up to do the things that ONLY YOU CAN DO, and learn how to effectively delegate the rest of the tasks to your team.
  • Feedback that Works: Are you tired of telling your team the same things over and over? We’ll give you tools for delivering feedback to your team members to create lasting change and set them up for success.
  • Developing Your People: We’ll give you new tools to make your one-on-one meetings more impactful. Learn how to guide and support your team to reach their goals and how to have the difficult conversations you’ve been avoiding.
  • Project Based Leadership: Leave with a rock solid plan for implementing changes and transitions within your team & organization. You’ll also get a new format to use with your team when they set their development goals.

To learn more, hear from past participants and to reserve your spot, visit our website:  Power Up

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