Erin Daiber, CPA, ACC

Certified Public Accountant, Associate Certified Coach (ICF), Founder & President, Life Coach, Leadership Enthusiast

Hi! I’m Erin Daiber.

I’m a certified coach who believes in living a full & fulfilled life.  I help professional women, entrepreneurs & CPA’s to reach their goals using a customized, practical approach.  I help my clients see their life, work & goals in a new way  and give them the tools to overcome those inevitable challenges.  

How does that help you?

I’ll be your partner and your biggest supporter.  You can also count on me to encourage your biggest dreams and to call you out when you try to give up on them. If you’re willing to look inside and push beyond where you’ve stopped in the past, you WILL get unprecedented results.

How did you become a coach?

I was introduced to coaching from a great friend & colleague of mine at a holiday party.  At the time, I wasn’t head over heels for my job, like a lot of people.  I would see people doing their respective jobs, and think “They look happy! Maybe I should do that..”.  I was intrigued by the opportunity to get really clear about what my next step was by hiring a coach. I enrolled myself in the coach training program for the personal transformation.  I guess you could say that coaching found me.

That’s a long way from accounting…

I like to think that I was never your stereotypical accountant, but who am I kidding- accountants are awesome!  Coaching is a huge change from the long hours of counting beans, but now I get to work with accountants in a whole new way- supporting them in becoming better leaders, passing the CPA exam, and getting their required CPEs every year!

Why me?

I really believe that there is a coach for every client. If you’re a high performer who is passionate about life and willing to try something new, it might be a great fit.  I’m going to tell it like it is, but you can trust that I will always have your dreams & best interests at heart.

Here’s the part where I establish my credibility:

ACC Certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF)
Trained through Accomplishment Coaching Coaches’ Training & Leadership Program
Experience training, coaching & developing coaches
CPA, State of California
Graduate of John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH.